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  • by Administrator
  • 02-01-2017


Now, I'm not sure if this is just my problem, or if every web designer has this issue, but I have no problem coming up with great ideas for different, custom web designs and layouts for my clients. But when it comes to our website, the actual PostIdol Media website I always draw a complete blank. Hence why this new website literally took 4 years to create. 


Now before you say "4 years! To create THIS site? It's nothing ground-breaking!". Agreed. And I don't mean it took 4 years to code and design it. I mean it took 4 years to finally settle on a design, style and motif for the website. As creative types, we are a bit of a loose cannon and unless we get a design out of our system fast, our brains will move on to another idea. That's precisely what had been happening with the PostIdol Media website. I have about half a dozen beginnings to great web designs, but then it took too long to come to fruition, so my creative mind moved on. 


And then, as if that wasn't enough, there's the whole point of finding time to do the website. We have about 10-15 projects running at any given moment, putting in 10-12hr days, 6-7 days a week. And somewhere in there we need to try and find time to design our one website....WITHOUT HAVING IT LOOK RUSHED! Not an easy task to say the least.


Anyways, we are still working on this website. Slowly but surely it is coming along. We are starting to add the web design case-studies, and new pages, like this blog.


I wrote this post to take the time to let you know, if you see any short-comings of the PostIdol Media website, or really on any web designer's website - it's not that we don't know what we are doing, it's not that the site is broken, it's simply that our clients' web design projects come first. And in those few off-hours we have, we get to work on our website, if we are not too exhausted. smile


Thanks for reading.