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"We Never Really Seek The Spotlight"

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"Ma & Pop Web Design Shoppe"

Jackson Presley - Web DesignerI would like to sincerely thank you for visiting our website. Over the last 16+ years there have been many incarnations, and each time it gets harder to convey everything I want to. I need like 10 websites to truly express the different faces and facets of PostIdol Media, our extensive client list, our mission statement, etc. So, I thought maybe it best to just write it out here. But that has proven to be difficult as well. How do I tell everyone that we are a Ma & Pop web design shop, but we have a portfolio deeper than many large firms? How do I tell potential celebrity clients that we are a trustworthy and honest web design company that respects privacy? How do I tell businesses that although we are small, we have years of design experience behind us showing we can design professional, user-friendly websites? Or, how do I tell people looking to start a personal or start-up business website, no matter how small, that they can get a custom web design too, without breaking the bank? Hmmm, maybe I just did?! :)

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"A Really Brief History"

PostIdol Media (pronounced~ post “idol”) is a custom web design firm that prides itself on creating beautiful and functional web designs without compromising usability or value. We’re a web design company that remains grounded in our day to day client relations and fluid in our ability to continue to put our twist on the current design trends.

The company was founded 16+ years ago by Jackson Presley and in that time has had the pleasure of creating a multitude of custom web designs in HTML, HTML5 & eCommerce environments, for every genre and industry imaginable.

In 2014 Stefanie Presley entered PostIdol Media and hit the ground running, bringing with her a flare for graphic design in print media. So much so that it saw the launch of some new styles, flyer designs, custom keepsake graphics, wall decor and much more!

PostIdol Media’s client roster is a who's who of small business, musicians, celebrities & large corporations. On each web design, PostIdol takes pride in making it unique, by starting always from a blank canvas, never using a template design. Much like the definition of it’s company moniker, PostIdol Media’s motto is 'Never Ending, Never Repeating'.